Scots-Irish Festival Dandridge, TN

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“Lone Piper”

The day starts with individual bagpipe competition then it’s off to the noon parade with the pipe band.  The Knoxville Pipes and Drums march in strength through the town of Dandridge with Scottish pride!  We perform a 30 minute concert following the opening ceremony.  We will then  assemble on the dike overlooking loch Douglas for another concert early after noon.  Sometimes, I play a Celtic harp concert on the lower stage in the early evening.  Then everyone takes a while to rest and take in the festive delights of the festival.  I love a chance to check out the vendors and the food!  I listen to the talented groups and watch the dancers with their colorful costumes.  It is a treat and makes me proud to be a part of this great heritage.  While watching the closing entertainers, I began to prepare for my solo bagpipe performance for the closing ceremony.  As Colin Grant-Adams introduces me, my heart will surely begin to pound with excitement.  I strike the pipes in and they start to hum, still in great tune even with the night air.  The spotlight flashes on and my fingers are playing the old familiar tunes, Amazing Grace and Scotland the Brave to exit into the darkness.  I can feel the quiet emotion of the crowd.  This is always one of my most exciting experiences with the pipes.  I am very blessed to be involved with an event of this kind.  Check out

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