AAA Rated Harp and Bagpipe Gig…It’s the way to go

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I have played many gigs with the combination of the two instruments.  It works well for any kind of function be it wedding or party.  I can play more time on the harp .  For example:

30 Min. prelude:  Harp (music of your choice)

Processional:  Bagpipes (Play for the Wedding party and then the Bride or just the Bride for a more dramatic entrance)

Service:  Harp or Bagpipe (music of your choice)

Recessional:  Bagpipe (this is a dramatic way to exit)

I have played Anniversary and Family Reunion parties with both instruments.  The evening is filled with music without breaks.  I can rest while playing the harp.  Both instruments work well for funerals with the harp playing for receiving friends and the bagpipes for the service.

Any way you wish to use the instruments, they compliment each other well.  They are a great combination and one can save money using a single person to play both instruments.  Listen to Kelly play selections on the harp with the Audio player in the right upper corner of the site.  Press>> to hear different songs that are named and numbered.  Also, visit the video in Gallery and watch Kelly play the bagpipes on the beach.  Enjoy!

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