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Weddings and Gigs: A Harp And Bagpipe For All Occasions

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Many more weddings and events scheduled for HARP and BAGPIPES

Dollywood, Festival of Nations Bagpiper since March 20- April 20, 2013

Memorials for Families at various Funeral Homes in Knoxville and surrounding areas.  Harpist/ Bagpiper

WAA Wreaths Across America Bagpiper at Veterans Cemetery

Burns Night Dinner Crown Plaza Knoxville TN Harpist/ Bagpiper

Park Vista Gatlinburg TN Harpist Thanksgiving Banquet

Fox Hunt Blackberry Farm Bagpiper

Maryville College, Homecoming Bagpiper

Lone Piper Closing Ceremony Scots- Irish Festival Dandridge TN.

911 Worlds Fair Rememberance Ride Bagpiper

Masquerade Vendor Fair Bagpiper since July 12, 2015

River Glen Equestrian Bagpiper in Kodak, TN

2014 River Glen Equestrian Bagpiper

March 21- April 21, 2014  Bagpiper Festival of Nations

April 23, 2014  Harp/Bagpipes Wedding at Metcalf Bottoms Towndsend TN

May 16, 2014  Harpist for Scottish Gala Maryville College

May 17, 2014  Bagpiper for Jefferson County High School Graduation

May 18, 2014  Bagpiper for Maryville Games KPD

May 18, 1014  Bagpiper for Maryville College Graduation KPD

June 1, 2014  Bagpiper for Channon Christain Golf Tournament Willow Creek Golf Course

June 3, 2014  Harp/Bagpipes  Wedding at Trinity Camp Maryville TN

June 14, 2014  Harp Wedding at the Point in Dandridge TN

June 27, 2014  Bagpiper for the Gary Lindsey Memorial Bass Tournament on Tellico Lake

July 1, 2014  Harp/Bagpipes  Grooms Dinner Gatlinburg TN

July 3, 2014  Bagpiper in July 4th Parade Gatlinburg TN  (midnight the 3rd)

July 9, 2014  Masquerade Vendor Fair  Worlds Fair Park Knoxville  Holiday Inn

July 26, 2014  Harp/Bagpipes Burns Night Dinner Crown Plaza Knoxville TN

August 3, 2014  Bagpiper for River Glen Equestrian Show

September 7, 2014  Bagpiper for 911 Remembrance Ride  Red Knights/ Blue Knights


May 18, 2011 Lincoln Memorial University Graduation Ceremony- Bagpipes

May 20, 2011 Jefferson County High School Graduation Ceremony- Bagpipes

May 20, 2011 Maryville College, Smokey Mountain Highland Games- Bagpipes

May 24, 2011 JCHS Patriot Singers will perform at the Smokies Baseball Game

May 27, 2011 Greenville SC Highland Games- Bagpipes

June 3, 2011 Lilly Barn Townsend Wedding- Bagpipes

June 4, 2011 Anniversary Party Gatlinburg TN- Harp

June 5, 2011 Willow Creek Golf Tournament – Bagpipes

June 24, 2011 Gettysview Country Club Golf Tournament- Bagpipes

September 30, 2011 Wedding at the Knoxville Zoo- Harp/ Bagpipes

October 8, 2011 Wedding at Norris Marina- Harp/ Bagpipes

October 14, 2011 Stone Mountain Highland Games- Bagpipes

A few Gigs that are scheduled for the year!